IPERION HSIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure


Scientific Coordinator
Luca Pezzati, CNR
Email: luca.pezzati@cnr.it


Coordination Office
email: co@iperionhs.eu
Jana Striova – Head of the Coordination Office


If you have any question about the access to the IPERION HS facilities, please contact access@iperionhs.eu


If you need information for newspaper, TV, or radio, please contact the Coordination Office and e-mail (co@iperionhs.eu)


Data and photos
If you want to use IPERION HS’s data and photos, please contact (co@iperionhs.eu)


Technical Website Inquiries
If you are encountering technical problems with the IPERION HS website, please e-mail to the Coordination Office (co@iperionhs.eu), stating the exact URL and the specific problem you are experiencing.


Privacy, Data Treatment and Ethics
IPERION HS rigorously applies the ethical standards and guidelines of Horizon 2020, regardless of the country in which the activities are carried out.