IPERION HSIntegrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure
A new cutting-edge research unit

The main aim of BioMERA is the creation of a new, distinct research unit, involving the design and construction of a customised walk-in-hutch micro-CT facility, unique in Cyprus, and in the region. The enhancement of this new research unit through HO contribution of additional instrumentation, such as FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy), XRF (X-ray Fluorescence), and high magnification digital microscopy, enables cutting edge analyses of human tissues and remains, both ancient and modern, and pharmaceuticals, in combination with the micro-CT facility.  The BioMERA microCT and other instrumentation, expertise and sample preparation facilities available through the BioMERA platform will also provide a wide variety of opportunities for applications in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Heritage Science. Further, material samples key to research in all Cyprus Smart Specialisation Strategy domains can be explored through the BioMERA platform. The BioMERA platform has key links to synchrotron radiation facilities and major National and European Projects (FF-MAC, RIF – https://face2face.cyi.ac.cy; BEATS EU H2020 – https://beats-sesame.eu). The BioMERA platform (INFRASTRUCTURES/1216/0009) is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF; 1 million Euros, 2019-2023).

See more at https://biomera.cyi.ac.cy/